CES Group Pitching Lessons

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SEPTEMBER 10th, 17th AND 24th, 2016 
Bagby Elem (Leigh /Curtner) or CES

Please contact Leann Emery directly at: 408 410-8225 


Group Lessons: Group lessons are a great way to see if a pitcher has the desire and dedication to want to start the pitching process.  Group lessons will go over basic fundamentals to encourage a great start to pitching.  These drills will help build a strong foundation for speed and accuracy.

Instructor to Student ratio: 

There are 2 instructors to 10 pitchers, (1:5 ratio) on the field.  At CES 1:3 ratio.  Each lesson is 40min in length.  There are no refunds.  There are no make-ups.  ALL Pitchers must bring their own catcher. This is "Group" lessons, so the instructor does not catch. 

All Pitchers Need a Catcher for the lessons: 

To make the process more enjoyable for the pitcher, it is always best that an adult catches during the lesson.  This way, that adult will be able to work with them during their outside the lesson practice times. 


To Register, Contact Leann Directly at 408 410-8225
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